In lieu of CRUEL NOISE radio these week thecvltnation & I present DESTROY ALL VOL. 2 CVLT Nation Presents…Destroy All Vol 2! This DIY hardcore mix will have you jumping off the walls and smashing the system! Curated by John Villegas of DRUG LUST, you know this mix is all killer no filler…

Sun baked leather jackets worn like a second skin, separated only by a thin, viscous layer indistinguishable from body fluids, beer & whatever has been growing in the basement. Ripped up Vans and black boots clamor in clandestine chaos, amidst feedback and scarcely caught breath. In these brief moments we share on this shit-strewn planet, we feel tinges of camaraderie, even with those we’ve had our differences with. Whether you are into punk, hardcore, metal, goth, new wave or noise, we are all miscreants and outcasts in society together. That is why D.I.Y. is the only choice for so many of us. It is the only way we know; it is the only way we care to know.

This is only a snapshot of what is happening in America and around the world in the punk & hardcore scenes. Boundaries are being blurred and the parameters of genre outright ignored. There are no rules, and that’s just fine. We are all freaks. NOW START YOUR OWN BAND

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